The Celestial Kiss

Once again my guardian angel intervened and it was more magnificent than my previous rosary visions. This time it came to close the book on the kissing business. Marilyn’s October 25th nocturnal Rosary kiss, just a gentle smooch as I drifted to sleep, must have just been a tune up for the real thing. It wasn’t worth writing a chapter. It just happened, sort of a punctuation mark to a pleasant day. On November 2, 2011 after attending a special Mass and lecture by a gifted speaker, Matthew Kelly at Jodie’s church in Lake Zurich, I was saying my Rosary prayers and asking for Marilyn’s advice on a litany of confusing lifestyle issues. I dozed off to sleep this night in the quiet delicate slumber that overtakes me as I near the last Joyful Mystery of the Rosary. The previous Rosary visions remained a pleasant memory, sort of like background music with stage props you don’t actually hear or see.

With my eyes closed and my mind peacefully fading into slumber, I was gently but firmly kissed on the lips. It was as real as life itself. This was a kiss of love, not passion. Tender, loving, a mere hesitation, yet as eternal as the promise of God’s heavenly paradise—the kiss was euphoric. With an absolute certainty Marilyn’s warmth and breath were there for that moment, but only the memory remained when I reached out to touch her. Her subtle perfume lingered under the soft warm air of the ceiling fan’s silent monotonous rotations. There were no fireworks or pyrotechnics this time—sheer bliss with just one kiss.

This memory was branded on my psyche and will last forever. I can recall it in an instant and do every night when I say good night after the Rosary prayer. This one kiss transcended all my concerns about kissing. There will never be another kiss like it in this lifetime and there will never need to be. The kissing game is over. From now on, kisses will just be kisses—not foreplay. Marilyn eliminated all competitors. Game, set, and match! As usual, Marilyn wins.